Caltrans' Asphalt-Rubber Usage Guide 

Asphalt-Rubber Design
Construction Guidelines

     Caltrans Asphalt-Rubber Usage      Guide

Volume I    Design Guidelines

Volume II   Appendices


Arizona Department of Transportation State Highways With Rubberized Asphalt Surface 1988-2001

Asphalt-Rubber has saved Casa Grande streets!
By Jeffrey R. Smith

Dewey-Yarber Wash Asphalt-Rubber Partially Encapsulated Subgrade
By George B. Way, P.E.

Tennessee Department of Transportation
Evaluation of Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt for Use on Tennessee Roadways Interim Report

Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Concrete Mixes Using a New Repetitive Direct Tension Test
By Shakir R. Shatnawi, Ph.D., P.E.

Performance Evaluation of Arizona Asphalt-Rubber Mixtures Using advanced Dynamic Material Characterization Tests
Final Report
By Kamil E. Kaloush, P.E., Matthew W. Witczak, George B. Way, P.E., and Aleksander Zborowski, Mohammad Abojaradeh, Andres Sotil, Graduate Research Assistants, ASU

Evaluation of Recycled Rubber in Asphalt Cement Concrete
Field Testing Final Report
For HR-330, 330A, 330B, 330C, 330D

State of Florida
Long Term Performance Evaluation of Asphalt-Rubber Surface Mixes. Research Report, FL/DOT/SMO/98-431
By Bouzid Choubane, Gregory A. Sholar, James A. Musselman, Gale C. Page

Louisiana Experience with Crumb-Rubber Modified Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement
By Baoshan Huang, Louay N. Mohammad, Philip S. Graves, and Chris Abadie

Where the Rubber meets the Rubber 12 Years of Durable Success
By George B. Way

Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete in Oregon
Final Report SPR 355
By Elizabeth A. Hunt, P.E.

Performance of Asphalt-Rubber as Thin Overlays
By Shakir Shatnawi, Ph.D., P.E. and Bing Long, P.E.

Rehab of PCCP with AROGFC.ppt
Power Point Presentation

Rehabilitation of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements With Thin Asphalt-Rubber Open Graded Friction Course Overlays In Arizona
By Douglas D. Carlson

Utilization of Crumb Rubber in Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures
South Carolina's Experience
By Serji N. Amirkhanian, Ph.D.

Evaluation of Asphalt-Rubber Pavements in Texas
By Maghsoud Tahmoressi, P.E.

Texas Rubber TRB Dale.ppt
Power Point Presentation

The Arizona Asphalt-Rubber Project Review
Part 1: Evaluation of A-R Pavements Constructed Before 1992
By Gene R. Morris, P.E. and Douglas D. Carlson

1999 Rubberized AC Pavement
Review Conducted By Representatives of Caltrans Rubber Pavements Association California Integrated Waste Management Board

General Information

Rubber Pavements Association Research and Development Needs
An Industry Commitment to Excellence

Quality Control for Asphalt-Rubber Binders and Mixes
By R. Gary Hicks and Jon A. Epps

Environmental and Recreational Uses of Asphalt

Cost Benefit Analysis and Energy Consumption of Scrap Tire Management Options
By Jorge Sousa, Ph.D., George Way, P.E., and Douglas D. Carlson

Power Point Presentation

State of California, Memorandum:
Recycled Tire Products
File No. 345.1

An Anchor to Crumb Rubber Markets
By Douglas D. Carlson and Han Zhu, Ph.D.

Asphalt Rubber Systems.ppt
Power Point Presentation

Open Graded Friction Course
By Jeffrey R. Smith

Asphalt-Rubber and Smoothness
A Winning Combination: One Contractor's Experience
By Mark Belshe and Kevin Turner

CWC: Best Practices in Scrap Tires & Rubber Recycling
Ambient Versus Cryogenic Grinding



Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Asphalt-Rubber Paving Materials
By R.G. Hicks and Jon A. Epps

Life Cycle Cost Analysis:
Conventional Versus Asphalt-Rubber Pavements
By Jong-Suk Jung, Kamil E. Kaloush, Ph.D., P.E., and George B. Way, P.E.

$18 Million Benefits of Using Ground Tire Using Ground Tire Rubber in Asphalt:
Eleven Years of Success
By George Way, P.E.

$18 Million Benefits.ppt
Power Point Presentation


ADOT AR Binder Specifications
Section 1009

ADOT AR Mix Design.ppt
Power Point Presentation

ADOT ARAC Specifications
Section 413

Asphaltic Concrete Friction Course (Asphalt-Rubber) Specifications
Section 414

Asphalt-Rubber Seal Coats.ppt
Power Point Presentation

Engineering & Architectural Services Department
Project Specifications and Contract Documents
1998 Bitumiinous Surface Treatment for Unpaved Roads
Reference No. ST87100114-C
Index No. P-979559

Caltrans Type G Specifications

Caltrans Type O Specifications

Investigation and Evaluation of Ground Tire Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt
NCAT Report No. 89-3
By Freddy L. Roberts, Prithvi S. Kandhal, E. Ray Brown, and Robert L. Dunning

Asphalt-Rubber Binder Specifications
Section 336

Florida Asphalt-Rubber Membrane Interlayer Specifications
Section 34

Florida Asphalt Concrete Friction Courses Specifications
Section 337

Green Book
Section 200

Green Book
Section 203

Maricopa County Department of Transportation Construction Specifications for Asphalt-Rubber Overlay, Friction Course Project Spring 2000
Work Order No. 11920 and 11921

County of Sacramento Rubberized Chip Seal Project STIP Phase II Special Provisions
Contract No. 3474

Asphalt_Rubber Specifications
Power Point Presentation

Sacramento Count Asphalt-Rubber Hot Mix-Gap Graded (ARHM-GG)
No. A65E

Standard Specifications for Construction and Maintenance of Highways, Streets, and Bridges
Adopted by the Texas Departmentof Transportation, June 1 2004

Asphalts, Oils, and Emulsions
Texas Item 300

Permeable Friction Course (PFC)
Texas Item 342
Word Document

Permeable Friction Course (PFC)
Texas Item 342
PowerPoint Presentation

Stone-Matrix Asphalt
Texas Item 346
Word Document

Stone-Matrix Asphalt
Texas Item 346
PowerPoint Presentation

1993 Special Specifications
Crumb Rubber Modified (CRM) Hot Mix Asphaltic Concrete Pavement

Item 3066


Health & Safety

Asphalt Institute:
Leachability of Asphalt and Concrete Pavements

Asphalt Institute:
Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt for Leachability

Asphalt Institute:
Comparison of Field versus Laboratory Generated Asphalt Fumes


Road to The Future

Dateline Video

Before and after
Inside a Car

Safe and Quiet Roads

Noise Reduction for Concrete

Reduced Spray in Friction Courses




SAC County Emission Cover Letter:
Results of Stack Emission Testing Asphalt-Rubber and Conventional Asphalt Concrete

Air Quality Issues and Best Management Practices With the Production of Asphalt-Rubber Asphaltic Concrete

NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Report:
HETA #2001-0536-2864
Crumb-Rubber Midified Asphalt Paving:
Occupational Exposures and Acute Health Effect

Hot Mix Asphalt Plants Emission Assessment Report

Bay Area Emission Testing of Asphalt-Rubber
PCCAS Reno, NV-April 2, 2002
Download PDF    Power Point Presentation

Stack Emissions with Asphalt-Rubber
A Synthesis of Studies
By Don Stout, P.E. and Douglas D. Carlson

Stack Emissions With Asphalt-Rubber
A Synthesis of Studies
Brazil, December 8, 2003



Carbon Black From Automobile Tires

Thousand Oaks Ten Year Noise Reduction Study Update:
Asphalt-Rubber Overlay Noise Study Upsate
AAAI Report 1272 and AAAI Project 22110

The Asphalt-Rubber Phenomenon:
When Asphalt-Rubber silenced road noise on an Arizona freeway, the public demanded more.
By Michael Fickes

Texas Department of Transportation:
Use of PFC to Improve the Performance of CRCP

Sound & Noise
Generation, Propagation & Reduction
By Kevin Surace

Report on the Status of Rubberized Asphalt Traffic Noise Reduction in Sacramento County

Quite Pavements Systems:
FHWA/AASHTO International Technology Scan
Draft Executive Summary Report ­ 2 June 2004

Field Evaluation of Porous Asphalt Pavement:

I-80 Davis OGAC Pavement Noise Study:
Traffic Noise Levels Associated With an Aging Open Grade Asphalt Concrete Overlay

HMAT Asphalt-Rubber Article, July/August 2003

Highwway Traffic Noise Analysis and Abatement Policy and Guidance

FHWA Noise Brouchure:
Highway Traffic Noise Barriers

Highway Traffic Noise in the United States

Problem and Response

Comparative Field Measurements of Tire/Pavement Noise of Selected Texas Pavements
Report No. FHWA/TX-7-2957-2

Carlson Noise Reduction in Brazil
Power Point Presentation

Analysis of Traffic Noise Before and After Paving With Asphalt-Rubber
By Douglas D. Carlson, Han Zhu Ph.D., and Can Xiao

Highway Traffic Noise Comparison Movie
Before and After Car Noise

Highway Triaffic Noise Comparison Movie
Before and After Car Noise From Inside Car

Reduced Thickness

Power Point Presentation

Momorandum to All District Directors:
Design Guide for ARHM-GG
Download PDF    Download TIF

Reduced Thickness Asphalt-Rubber Concrete Leads to Cost Effective Pavement Rehabilitation
By Jack Van Kirk and Glynn Holleran

Tire Recycling Reports

Coming Soon...


Asphalt-Rubber Binder
By Sam Huddleston

By Sam Huddleston
Power Point Presentation

Design Methods for Hot-Mixed Asphalt-Rubber Concrete Paving Materials
By James G. Chehovits

Field Aging Effects on the Fatigue of Asphalt Concrete and Asphalt-Rubber Concrete
Paper No: 01-3097
By Lutfi Raad, Steve Saboundjian, and George Minassian

Power Point Presentation

Effect of Crumb Rubber Particle Size and Content On The Low
Temperature Rheological Properties of Binders

By Venu T. Gopal, Peter E. Sebaaly
and Jon Epps

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